It is now more important than ever before to make certain that a website is designed correctly. So, let us take a quick look at www.womenscheapcarinsurance.org.uk to determine if this portal is properly formatted. At the end of this article, we will rate the site on a scale of one to ten.


As Google places a high level of importance on textual material, it is important to examine this metric first. One of the problems with the main page is that far too much content is presented at once. Furthermore, there are grammatical errors throughout the text. These mistakes will take away from the apparent validity of the site and the insurance comparison service that it claims to offer. The text should be kept short, actionable and to the point. Finally, there should be hyperlinks embedded within that will navigate to other pages or authoritative portals.


This website displays a layout that would have been sufficient ten years ago. On the positive side, it provides the reader with relevant information and the page itself loads quickly. As there are no flash presentations, banner advertisements or popup windows, it will be functional even with a computer that runs at a slower speed. However, there is little "pop" to the page that will allow it to stand out from its competitors. A navigation bar should be present and unfortunately, it appears that the landing page only navigates to one affiliated website. This is a rather sparse amount of content. Of particular importance is that this site does not appear to display correctly on a smartphone window.


Besides the aforementioned issues, most reputable insurance comparison sites will have a built-in insurance calculator and (more importantly) testimonials from existing clients. Neither is present here. This could present a problem from an end-user point of view. Of course, it is unknown as to whether further improvements will be made in the future. This website may merely be in beta testing.


On a scale of one to ten, www.womenscheapcarinsurance.org.uk is given a three. On the positive side, the layout is easy to load for slower browsers. However, grammatical errors, a poor layout, few authoritative links and an incorrect display on a mobile device definitely detract from the overall presentation and perception of the site.


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