Final Fantasy 12

Final Fantasy was one of the top role-playing games in the world. This can be evidenced by the fact that there have been 13 versions of the game, from the first edition in 1987 to Final Fantasy 13, which was released at the end of 2009. Final Fantasy 12 was released in 2006 and impressed gamers with some inspiring innovations from previous editions.

These innovations included a new license system which determined what equipment and abilities the character in the game could use. It also allowed the player to choose a strategy which was customized by them that would control the character's actions whom they were using. Unlike previous editions, Final Fantasy 12 battle scenes were also new as the scenes took place where you are, instead of transitioning to a different screen.

The game is based on the a group of allies from Dalmasca, lead by Princess Ashe and adventurer Vaan, fighting against the tyrannical empire of Archadia. Just as in previous editions, the game included the use of airships, riding Chocobos, a normally flightless bird in the game, and the summoning of monsters.

It's popularity with gamers across the world is not the only thing that made it one of the most sought after Playstation 2 games of all time, as it received numerous awards and accolades from several industry publications and websites as well. It was nominated by the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences in their 10th Annual Interactive Achievement Awards for "Role-Playing Game of the Year", as well as receiving the following awards:
*Best Playstation 2 Game of 2006-GameSpot website
*Best Game- 2006 Edge awards
*PS2 Game of the Year and PS2 Role Playing Game of the Year 2006- GameSpy as well as winner of the same categories at the IGN Awards

Final Fantasy 12 became the fourth best selling Playstation 2 game across the world in 2006, selling more than 2 million copies in Japan alone. By the first quarter of 2007, the game had sold more than 5.2 million copies to gamers all over the planet.

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While gamers would have to wait until December of 2009 for Final Fantasy 13 to be released, those who were fortunate enough to have Nintendo DS were privy to the sequel, Final Fantasy 12:Revenant Wings, which was touted the Nintendo DS Game of the Month by IGN after it hit the market in November of 2007.

Final Fantasy 12 is still a favorite among role-playing gamers who prefer Playstation 2. Even with the release of the latest version, it still holds a place in the annals of video games as one of the most talked about and exciting video games ever produced.

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