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"Car insurance for just a day? Are you mad?" by husband roared at me. But then he always has been a luddite. He's never heard of cheap car insurance, thinks a smart phone is one that dresses in a suit and tie and a tablet is only useful for dropping into a glass of water to cure one of his many hangovers. He still can't accept that Elvis Presley is dead and moans every week that he can't buy fish and chips wrapped in the Daily Herald any more.

So what kicked this off? His car needed servicing and the only day it could be done was the day we were due to drive over to our daughter's house warming party. She lives about two hours away so a taxi was out of the question. Our neighbour offered to lend us his car for the day but when we rang our insurance broker to try to put it on our existing policy we spent an hour listening to Vivaldi played on a prehistoric synthesizer whilst a robotic voice told us every five minutes how important our call was to her and would we please continue to hold whilst the staff drank coffee, filed their fingernails and discussed their dates of the previous evening. Finally we got through to a youth who sounded about 15 and who spent a further 20 minutes trying to persuade us to switch our gas suppliers before admitting no, sadly, there was no way to insure our neighbours car for a day without the permission of the underwriter who was on a year's sabbatical in Fiji.

So what is a girl to do? I got my credit card out and within five minutes I had a policy in place which gave me comprehensive cover to drive our neighbours car for the next 24 hours. It was quick, it was economical and so simple that even my dinosaur of a husband could have managed it.

So I'm now trying to get him to use the Internet more but he knows it won't last, it'll go out of fashion just like CB radio did when he was a lad. I wonder what I'd get for him on Ebay?

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